Red Rock Rural Community Association

PO Box 3086 Sedona, AZ 86340

An organization of property owners and residents of the Red Rock Loop Road Area.

 President: Nanette Armstrong  
Vice-President: Birgit Lowenstein 
Sam & Sally Braun, long time Loop residents and RRRCA members, have moved from this area. Thank you Sam for all your past work as President of the RRCA. Thank you! 
We are homeowners, landowners, and residents that live along the Red Rock Loop Road in Sedona, Arizona. 


The mission of the Red Rock Rural Community Association is to maintain the rural lifestyle of the area, to protect Oak Creek riparian area which the state has designated a unique and scenic waterway. We are stewards for responsible development that respects the water supply, the roadways and the scenic beauty of the area.















News along the Loop:


La Merra, a housing development at the end of Loy Lane, is now called Sedona Ranch on Oak Creek. 


The entire road that lies outside of the city of Sedona (Yavapai County), is getting repaved with a chip seal, pavement and new lines painted. (May 2018) 


New housing development at the end of Chavez Ranch Road is under construction. 


Camp Avalon is located on Loy Road, hosted by Global Community Communications Alliance



Vision Statement

Click here to view the 2014 Vision Statement (8 MB pdf)

Tuesday Feb. 3, 2015 Sedona Fire Chief meeting 1:05 pm.

A group of us from the RRRCA met with Kris Kazian, Fire Chief, and Scott Schwisow, Division Chief of the Sedona Fire Department, a follow up of a letter written by Nanette Armstrong to the Fire Chief on behalf of RRRCA.

Fire response: Upper Red Rock Loop and Chavez Ranch Road is considered area 200 while the Lower Loop Road is area 800, but all are serviced by fire station #1 which has 5 to 7 people on staff at all times. The fire station 2 on the Loop Road and the one at Sedona Pines are closed with no plans to open them. The chief showed maps of the area and how it is divided up. When a call comes in, a fire truck is dispatched along with a water tender truck. There are hydrants in our area, specifically Cross Creek Ranch, Loy Road, and the wellhead at Cathedral Vista to name a few. The water towers in Elmersville can be tapped in a fire. Water can be suctioned from the irrigation ditch or Oak Creek, but that has a few problems --mainly distance.
In 2013, 35 calls from our Loop area were received; in 2014, 28 calls. Of those 21 were medical calls in each year. None had to do with fires. For those considered emergencies the response rate ranged from 11 minutes, 20 seconds to 11 minutes, 46 seconds.

Water tenders carry 3000 gallons and will pump 150 gallons/minute. In case of a larger fire, help comes from Clarkdale and the Verde Valley. A private well can`t really be tapped in a fire--hose size being the main issue. If a building in a rural area is on a narrow road that is hard to access, tender trucks can be connected to each other via hoses to reach the burning building. An electronic mobile date computer is coming, to show where the fire hydrants are.
Open Burn Permits: We are allowed to have fire pits and barbecues in our yard. You need to obtain a burn permit in order to burn brush. Call 928-282-7101 to obtain this permit. You must call in before using this permit. When a fire ban is in effect, the entire Sedona area is affected, no exceptions. A fire ban means no fires at all including chimney fires, BBQs, camp fires and open burning. Check the forest service website to see if a fire ban is in place.
Wildfire Plan: especially in a rural area, we need to be vigilant about brush, clutter, and trees overhanging our homes. Check out the site to form a wildfire plan.

Fire fighter training: Firefighters occasionally drive through our area. They make rounds but aren`t on any schedule.
The Sedona firefighters are trained in wildland fighting, EMS, technical rescue, and house fires. Our firefighters go to other states and areas to help when needed, and for training.
Fires double in size every minute that they burn. Results depend on windy conditions, and how quickly 911 is called.

Roofs: Tile and composite shingles are good, wood shakes are the worse for our area.

Video: The fire department has a grant to produce a video about fire prevention in a rural area. They are looking for leads to a home that might need work done that could demonstrate a before and after depiction as a case study. It was suggested that they have an opening showing of the video at the Sedona High School theater. The film will probably be put on the department web site with a link, so the film can be watched at home.

Code enforcement: Call Gary Johnson, Fire Marshall 282-6800, if you want your home/ fire sprinklers inspected.

CIP: The Dept has started a Community Integrated Program (CIP) that invites homes receiving patients with chronic sepsis or COPD to have someone visit to suggest ways to make changes in the home. It is especially helpful to those discharged from the hospital so that the home can make the proper accommodations.

Kiosk: The RRRCA is planning a small book and magazine library kiosk as a place to donate and take reading materials without cost such as:, as well as a place a place to post announcements. The Fire Chief is receptive to having such a kiosk at the Loop Road Fire Station. Nanette Armstrong is following up on the idea.

Minutes taken by Sam Braun and Nanette Armstrong

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Nanette Armstrong/ email, President

Birgit Loewenstein, Vice President

Nanette Armstrong/Birgit Loewenstein Secretary

Nanette Armstrong, Treasurer

Well Survey Project: Roger Moe, LaQuita Lane
Fire District Liaison: Nanette Armstrong
Yavapai County Zoning and Planning Dept.: Blue Boelter
Wastewater Issues: Birgit Loewenstein
Road Maintenance: Wayne Johnson
Development Updates: Carl Romanik
Litter Lifters: Georgia Munsell
Vision Statement for the county: Jan O`Kelley, Judith Ryan, Norm Hanson, Birgit Loewenstein


CLICK HERE to order from RRRCA directly. Just $20. 

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Georgia Munsell says the LITTER LIFTERS along the Loop Road are as follows:

89A to high school -- Lynn & Maudelle Terry with Norm Hanson and Georgia Munsell assisting
From the end of the High School for .8 miles: Norm Hanson 
From .8 miles to Chavez Ranch Rd .7 miles: Mark & Georgia Munsell, Nanette & Rich Armstrong
Gravel part of Chavez Ranch Rd -- Linda and Jeff Allen
Chavez Ranch Rd to Red Rock crossing: Nanette & Rich Armstrong
Red Rock Crossing Rd at Cathedral Vista Drive to and including Crescent Moon Ranch Recreation Area - Bill and Chris Lutz
Chavez Ranch Rd to Disney Lane: Carol and Loren Gronewald
Disney Lane to Loy Lane - Nanette Armstrong and Jeanette Shupe
Loy Lane to Elmersville Rd. - Birgit Loewenstein
Elmersville Rd to 89A - Susan and Wayne Johnson

Roger Moe continues to offer to sound the water level of your well. The whole process takes about 20 minutes; he needs two people to assist him with the procedure. To make an appointment call him at 204-1461 or e-mail him at Over the past few months he has worked with five well owners.

People were interested in testing their water for coliform bacteria. The nearest lab to obtain a water kit is Bradshaw Lab in Cottonwood at 203 South Candy Lane, Suite 115 B-2, near the Cottonwood Hospital and Baptist Church. You must go to their office to pick up the free kit and instructions then bring it back to them. The actual testing costs $20. Other testing costs more depending on what you are assaying. For example, Arsenic can be done at home via a kit that costs another $20.


ATTENTION BIRDERS: Rich and Nanette go birding most every day. If you would like to join them for a bird walk in the Loop Road neighborhood, give them a call or e-mail them to arrange a time at 282-3675 or EMAIL You can click here for a list of 100 birds they have identified in their backyard. They are now up to over 150 species being spotted from their yard. 


The land lying adjacent to the Red Rock Loop Road is a section of the Southwest unique in its environment and natural beauty. It is an area with a substantial amount of open space, air, land and water so far relatively free of degradation. This riparian and high-desert habitat contains an incomparable, vulnerable and fragile assets--much of it is under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service. There are prehistoric ruins, a history of early homesteaders, both of which still have a presence here. Thirty years ago RRRCA was formed to protect the rural character of the area.

Located along the state-protected Oak Creek, a designated "Unique and Scenic Waterway," the area contains shallow-perched drinking water aquifers that can easily be contaminated through the fragile geological strata that exist here. For this reason the RRRCA took steps in 2006 to engage independent environmental consultants, engineers, professors, researchers and legal counsel to help the residents of the Red Rock Loop area and Sedona understand the impact of real estate developments in our vulnerable environment.

The RRRCA has forged alliances with numerous local community groups and environmental groups such as the Sierra Club, Don`t Waste Arizona, Inc., the Audubon Society and the Center for Biodiversity. This journey has taken us through a bureaucratic quagmire of local, state and federal jurisdictions. In the process we have created working relationships with the AZ Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), Army Corps of Engineers, AZ Department of Water Resources (ADWR), Northern Arizona University and Yavapai County.

RRRCA`s actions have taken energy, time and money: costs shouldered by a few members of the RRRCA. To help cover some of the financial costs make a tax-deductible donation to Don`t Waste Arizona, Inc., an Arizona nonprofit IRS ? 501(c)(3) corporation and mark it c/o RRRCA Environmental Fund. Send your donation to RRRCA, PO Box 3086, Sedona, AZ 86340..



 By clicking on the items below you can view reports.

Revised Aquifer Protection Permit proposal by Bella Terra
Bella Terra Public Notice
Bella Terra Fact Sheet
Questionnaire for the well survey
Letter to Sedona Fire District Governing Board
Draft Report to Sedona Fire District Board about Alternative Route (1.2 MB PDF file)
Sedona Red Rock News article about the 3/22/06 Fire District Meeting
Report of February meeting with Improvement District Services to set up water district.
Suggestions for water problems facing residents


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Landmarks and points of interest along the Loop Road:



Red Rock, AZ, the beginning of the town of Sedona. 


 The rock formation looking like a pyramid used to be called "Christmas Rock" by the Schuerman Family children since they had a picnic there one Christmas Day. It is also referred to as Schuerman Mountain or the Red Pyramid Rock.