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The basic Idea here is to use rain harvesting forlandscaping, car washing etc. and use delivered water for drinking/home use etc. The costs of these combined systems compare favorably with the cost of drilling a new deep water well, or with tying into any water pipeline system from the city.

1) Rainwater harvesting:

A) For every inch of rain about 600 gallons of water can be collected from 1,000 square feet of roof area. (So in this area about 20,000 gallons of water could be collected from a 2,000 square foot roof in an average year). Which would otherwise cost roughly $600.00 to have deliveredů.so the system would break even in about 10 years.

B) The average system, which includes storage tanks, purifiers etc., runs $5-8,000.

C) We could probably negotiate a less expensive system if several people purchased it.

D) Additionally each 12 ft x 12 ft area of yard would yield roughly 1,000 gallons of water per year in this area. Water could drain into an adjoining infiltration basin (this assumes compacted soil, such as we have here and approx. 17 inches of rain per year).

2) Water storage

A) 2,500 gallon tank runs about $1,200

B) 3,000 gallon tank runs about $1,400

C) 5,000 gallon tank runs about $2,500

D) These tanks can be fitted with a fire hose compatible nipple for a reasonable cost

E) Portable fire hose/pump combinations that can hook into these storage tanks (or could draw from a pool), run $1,000-$2,500

F) Again, we could probably negotiate a lower price if

several people purchased together.

3) Water delivery

Cost is about $75.00 per 2500 gallons, ($.03 per

gallon), this compares favorably (slightly costlier),

than water bill anticipated if loop road residents

paid a monthly bill to tap into a water line.

4) Cooperating with neighbors on wells or shared



1) Drill deep well Cost Approximately $22,000.00

2) Hook up to Sedona water:

One time tie-in charge $20,000.00 (est.)

Utility cost (Based on $15.70 per month paid over 10 years.

This is the charge for delivery within Sedona Proper,it likely would be higher to our area). $1,884.00

Water cost (Based on $.166 per 100 gallons for 365,000 gallons. This is the charge for delivery within Sedona Proper, likely higher to our area). $605.00.

Total cost likely to be $22,489.00

3) Combined Rain harvest and water delivery/storage

Rain harvest system $5-8,000.00

5,000 gallon water tank $2,500.00

365,000 gallons of water delivered (based on use of 100 gallons per day for 10 years, and at a price of $.03 per gallon) $10,950.00

Total cost likely to be $18,450--$21,450.00

There is another advantage using the combined rain harvest/water delivery/storage system and that is the full cost of the well or tying in with Sedona water would likely need to be paid for up-front, while the cost of the water delivery would be borne over time.

The cost of these rain harvest/water storage-delivery systems, while not negligible, compares favorably with the cost of drilling new wells or tying into a water pipeline. In conclusion, through a combination of options we likely could be secure in our water needs at a reasonable cost without having to rely on theArizona Water Company.

Prepared by Michael 'ShaRu' White